How to Remove Background from an Image in Photoshop

To remove the background from image in Photoshop following easy steps can be followed for quick result:

Step 1: Open the image you want to erase background from in Photoshop.


Background Remove

Step 2: Click on the Eraser tool and select the Background Eraser Tool from the toolbox at the left side of the window.

Step 2

Step 3: From the top bar’s tool option select a round and hard brush. Brush size is to be selected depending on the image size and object in the image from which you want to remove background. For big sized images, brush size can be selected as 100 for removing background with a broader and widen strokes. From the same tool option set the Sampling to Continuous and set the Tolerance level to a lower level between 20 to25. High tolerance removes deep color range.

Step 3



Background Remove Photo
Step 4: Once the brush is set bring the pointer close to the edge of the object in the image you want to remove background from. There is a Plus in the middle of the Circle of the pointer. This Plus erases the color wherever it goes through at the time of dragging. It also helps in adjusting colors at the edges of the object in the image.

Step 5: Now click and drag for deleting background from the image. As you continue erasing a check patterned background will appear in the erased areas. When removing the background from the edges of the object in the image brush size may be reduced for smooth and accurately erasing. If erasing background from the edges of the object in the image is over then select the big brush size for quickly erasing the background in the other parts of the image.

Thus once the background erasing is over save the image.

Online Background Remover : Now you are going to learn the smartest and shortest way to remove background from an image online. Background from images can easily be removed online using Online Background Remover in different sites. There are so many sites for online background removing from an image. You can follow the following steps for online background eraser.

Online Background Removing Steps:

1. Go to the relevant site where online background burner is available.

2. Open the background burner in relevant sites and upload the picture from which you want to remove background online. Online background remover does automatically erasing background from the image you uploaded and produce samples before you for choosing the right one you like to save.

3. Now save the chosen one from the shown samples of thumbnails.

Following tips will be assistance while removing background from images online - a deep contrasting image will get the best result for online background removing; for the best outcome select the image in which object is clearly stated and not cut off in any part. Save the image in JPG or PNG format.

Thus you can remove background from an image by using online tools.


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