How to Create a Clipping Mask?

The process of creating a clipping mask

Creating a clipping mask is essential especially if you want to hide some unwanted parts from the layer. You must have some basic knowledge on how to make clipping mask to be able to easily show and hide parts of a layer.

Unlike in layer clipping mask, creating a clipping mask requires that you first mask a layer, fill it or paint it with black. This helps in hiding some areas. You also need to paint some areas white so that they can easily be seen. If you want to hide some areas, you may be forced to paint them grey. The clipping mask uses the transparency and contents of the layer in determining the parts of the layers that remains visible and those that are hidden. Making layer clipping mask is easier compared to making layer masks.  The clipping masks have many applications and thus, it is necessary for one to know and learn the process of creating a clipping mask.

Creating a clipping mask with a text in a Photoshop

Creating a clipping mask with a text requires that you use one layer content to mask the layer that is above it. This is what is referred to as layer clipping mask and entails clipping around the artwork so as to fit the shape of the object. In this case, a text is used as a clipping mask so that an image from another layer can appear through the letters written. This is the technique that is popularly used by web designers in creating a clipping mask.

If you are working on a Photoshop, you may start by opening an image you are planning to use. This can be done by various versions of Photoshop 7.  You must start by selecting the horizontal type tool and the font you want to work with. Type the font into the size field and press enter. However, you must ensure that the text is well aligned.

Click on the document and type the word you want to use to make clipping mask. Use the move tool to ensure that the word you types is at the middle of your image. After this, you need to click on the background and click on select the layer. A new layer which will appear should be filled with white. Arrange the layers in order so that you can create a clipping mask.

In the meantime, you can double click anywhere on the background so as to open the new layer dialog box. The layer can be given a name of an object you want to use such as trees. Click on the name you have used in the layer palette and drag it to the top layer. This enables the previously created words to be hidden. Drag the layer created so that it hides the first word you had created earlier own. Go back to the layer palette menu and choose on creating clipping mask and click on it. The first word you had earlier created will be displayed with the picture you chose. You can then move the image around. This is how you can make clipping mask in Photoshop.



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