Why and How We Cut Out Images at Arafin Media.

Cutting out images is a must if you want to separate the object from the background. This image cut out is necessary in any preproduction tasks in design studios and graphic houses. At Arafin Media, we offer reliable and cost effective services for photo cut out.  The services are useful in helping fine tune your images and removing backgrounds that are not required.

At Arafin Media, the photo cut out image services are divided into four service levels; hourly, advanced, simple and medium. We ensure that we provide high quality photo cut out services. We make use of modern software in ensuring that we create digital photo tools capable of automating and simplifying the difficult process of manipulating images. We  assists  digital photo enthusiasts and professionals in  removing backgrounds from your photos, cutting out objects, cleaning pictures from unwanted objects  and creating collages.


We also cut images so as to convert photos into sketches. By cut out images, we focus at creating powerful images that can be used in marketing or providing fun to viewers.  Photo cut out enables us to remove the background of any digital photo and replace it with the colors of your choice. We are also able to replace your pictures with pictures you think can help your business to grow.

If you choose Arafin Media, you will be sure that we shall help you to:

  • Create isolated images on transparent or white backgrounds
  • Create website graphics from the photos
  • Prepare photos of commodities from online display
  • Create collage on anything including family pictures.

When you allow us to cut out your pictures, we may cut out an object and have it on a plain or colored background depending on your wish. We make them look expensive as if they have been done by a professional. We make use of advanced software to present your pictures so that they bring out details more accurately than it can be done by the most sophisticated machine. 

We follow the following steps:

We increase the contrast between the object and the image so as to make it easier to trace the objects edges accurately.

We use Ms Paint to open the images to give us the different colors on the color palate so that we can choose the colors that we can easily remove. This helps us to select the background that we can easily delete so as to make your pictures clear and attractive to the eye. We carry out tests by zooming the images to magnify the job done so that we can assess how the image will look like. If the picture we end up is not good enough, we continue working by deleting unwanted background using advanced tools to make the picture clear. We cut out pictures step by step until we get a fantastic image.

Finally, we carefully look at the images and cut out pictures that we thinks are making your photo not attract the viewer’s eye. We finally allow individuals who are experienced in photography to give the final suggestions on the photo cut out. If we are satisfied with the job, we shall send you the final images for review and give you a chance to make the final suggestions on the cut out picture.


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