Outsourcing image processing service at Arafin Media

Arafin Media offer a variety of image processing services, they include retouching, color correction and clipping images. Among the services offered by Arafin Media includes outsourcing image processing services and online image editing services.

When you choose to work with Arafin Media, you will get high quality images and advanced editing services at prices that are highly competitive. When you choose outsourcing image processing services you will receive other benefits such as;

  • One stop shop where you will get all image editing services
  • You will receive support and customizing solutions
  • Large amounts of images will be processed in a short period of time
  • Offer 24 hour services thus serving you whenever you need the services.
  • Photo clipping
  • Photo retouching services
  • Creation formation
  • Masking
  • Photomontages
  • Highlighting of photo details
  • Other requested digital reworking.
  • Pixel clipping irrespective of how complex the image is
  • Clipping large order quantities orders in a short while
  • Clipping images of photos you use on your online business.
  • Resizing the photos for optimum product presentation.

Other online image editing services you will get from Arafin Media include

At Arafin Media, we offer outsourcing image processing services that include image clipping.  Here, you will have the background that makes your photos look dull removed. You will also have your object isolated from the entire image a thing that allows you to place an object on the background of your choice.  Other than online image editing, other services we offer include

Some of online image editing service you will certainly get at Arafin Media is image clipping. This refers to separating objects from its background. We use advanced tools to cut out specified persons or products from the background.  After the cutting we transfer the images on a plain paper which if you are running an online product business, you will be able to present it to the viewers.

When outsourcing image processing from Arafin Media, we employ different tactics depending on how complex your picture is. We carry out masking services which includes changing the color of specific areas of the picture. We start by clipping the relevant areas using the advanced tools at our disposal. We then proceed to masking the simple images, color the masks for product photos and masks for web and print.  We also carry out color correction depending on the instructions you give.

In color corrections, we transfer one object of pictures from one level to another. We then edit the picture to enable us produce products in various colors. Using the same technique, we are able to mask images. We understand that removing an object from a photo, leaves a gap in the picture. We mask the area of the object to conceal it before we extract the objects of our target.


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