Raster to Vector Service

Get the best Raster to Vector Conversion Service

At Arafin Media, we offer Raster to Vector Conversion is intended to convert raster files in to quality files that are useable on banners signage, business cars, screen printing, t-shirts architectural lettering and cut vinyl. We ensure that there are no poor quality services as well as pixilation.

Our technicians are skilled and will use their experience to ensure that your artwork is traced as it appears.

What exactly do we do at Arafin Media?

The first thing we do is to trace your images into clean scalable vector files and complete the job within the agreed time frame. You need to ensure that your file is in a proper format before sending it to us. We accept files in jpeg, tif, psd, gif, png, pdf, word doc, and ppt. We recommend that you send it as a mail or you may transmit it through yousendit, dropbox or sendthisfile if you want the best Raster to Vector Service.

We advise that you give all the instructions at once so that you don’t incur other unnecessary expenses for last minute Raster to Vector Services that you may want incorporated in your images. Otherwise we shall trace your jobs as it is shown if no other specifications are given. Depending on how detailed your work is, we shall send you the file as a pdf, AI, EPS or you will receive an eps & ai which is send as an attachment through mail. We are flexible and we may send you a pdf file if you request for one.

Our Raster to Vector Services will only be of importance to you if your vendor or software supports the vector this ensure that the file imports and opens without causing much trouble. We advise that you carry out a free vector file to check if your software will open the completed work or not.

Raster to Vector Service


There are many reasons why you should trust Arafin media’s Raster to Vector Services. First we are trusted by web designers, quick print shops, 3d designers vehicle wraps companies and many others because of the quality of our work and a quick turnaround. We also have an extensive font collection which can handle any type of art work. We also do not outsource any of your work we handle it by ourselves because no one out there has the capacity and the ability to offer Raster to Vector Service as we do. We have many years of experience of using the vector software and thus we guarantee that you will get the best job ever. When we trace your photos, you can be sure that there will be no editing since it will be error free and ready to be cut and printed.

At Arafin media we believe in communication and thus, we shall allow you to get as much information as possible on the progress of your work and we shall seek as many clarifications as possible to ensure that your work is satisfactorily done. Do not let incompetent people mess your work. Trust us for Raster to Vector Services.


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